MARC DE VRIES  was born in Naarden, The Netherlands in 1967.  He attended the High School for the Arts in Utrecht and later the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

In 1997 Marc launched his own business, "MuralsbyMarc" In addition to numerous murals, de Vries also designed interiors and stands for fairs and exhibitions. His most recent work is currently adorning the walls of Club Lost and Found in Helsinki. A mural that he created for the guesthouse Boutique Manolo in Cape Town was featured in a 2006 issue of VISI magazine ("the English issue").

In spite of his commercial success and the demand for his murals, de Vries has continued to develop a diverse artistic portfolio. His work, although notable for its eclecticism, can be characterized by a number of recurring elements. De Vries continues to enjoy experimenting with color, and favors either a very strong palette or a striking lack of color. He also continues to enjoy mixing genres, media and techniques. Finally, de Vries's work is marked by a sensuality that is visual (imagery), sensory (textures) and intellectual (themes).

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